Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Power of Fasting - Week 77.Serving in Alubijid 2nd

The Power of Fasting - Week 77.Serving in Alubijid 2nd

Hi everyone! Thanks for the e-mails! :)

This was a great and spirit-filled week for me and Elder Somoray! I can't wait to tell you the miracles that we've experienced this week! :D

First, we'll be having a baptism next month. We just found him last Friday and he's willing! He came to church last Sunday too and made friends with the young men. He is brother Kerin. We're grateful because when we see people in our paths, we try to talk to as many as we could and one of them is brother Kerin. It was a blessing indeed. His goal date for baptism is on the 19th of October. He's progressing, so we'll focus him more in the coming weeks.

Aside from him, we had a couple of less-actives who came to church last Sunday! Elder Somoray and I were so happy that day. Words can't describe the feeling that we've felt during the moment they went to the sacrament hall. During one of our evaluation, Elder Somoray and I agreed to do something for them. So we planned to fast for them, most specially for the Laguit Family. We felt that Sister will come to church in no time. As we fasted last Sunday, we felt a subtle impression that it'll gonna be a great Sunday. At church, Sister came with her whole family! We were not expecting it! She wasn't sure to come to church either when we last taught her but she was there! It was a miracle. After 2 years of inactivity, she came back. Elder Somoray and I were so grateful for Heavenly Father's love for them. We really felt it and continually feel it in our lives as we meet new people. We're grateful for fasting for them. My testimony about fasting have increased! It helped me develop my faith. We asked Sister what inspired her to go to church (since we were expecting her to come to church a week later), she told us that the Spirit kept prompting her to go. So she did. It was so great!

The ward is doing well. So many members are working with us and giving us referrals. Even the investigators that we are meeting are giving us as well! The Lord is helping us so much! Everyday, when we go home, we always thank the Lord for the wonderful work that we have each day. I remember when the Relief Society President invited us to a dinner appointment, she told us, she like to have us there in their house. Haha! It was a manifestation of their trust to us. Not just her, but the other members that we visit as well. I'm just so happy for this week.

I would like to share this great experience that Elder Somoray and I had last Sunday. While contacting one of the member's referral, we got to meet this man in the waiting shed. The member's referral was there too. He was listening to us while we introduce ourselves to the person we just contacted. Then, since the person we planned to visit to is so busy, I got prompted to talk to this man. Little did we know, he was hungry to learn more! It was a spiritual experience for us. The man told us that he would love to listen to us and he wants to know more. He's been a Christian for 10 years but he's still confused to where is the truth. He's golden! We're trying to get to him though since it's a family. We know that Heavenly Father will help us by preparing people to receive the Gospel. We'll report on them in the coming weeks too.

Elder Somoray is doing well. I'm continually asking for the Lord's help in training him. We're having a great time together. I'm grateful to train him and for the future ones who are coming. Haha! Lowie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe we're on the same mission!!! Can't wait to see you here! Woot! :D

I've never been this eager to work ever. Hahahaha! And, I really felt the joy that comes from this work. Work, work, work! Just a great week! Oh well, till next week guys! :D

Elder Dimazana

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