Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Plan of Salvation - Week 78.Serving in Alubijid 2nd

The Plan of Salvation - Week 78.Serving in Alubijid 2nd

Well, thanks a ton for the mails guys! I really enjoyed it :D

This week was a learning week for me. Ever since, Lesson 2 is one of the things I'm not that familiar with but I know it. Then, this past week, one of the primary kids passed away. It was a shocking news for us since that kid was one of the coolest kids in the primary. During the funeral service, I pondered upon my experience here on earth, how all of us will die eventually. Then, during the talk of one of his relatives, sharing his account before he passed away, I couldn't help myself but realize how members of the church to have a knowledge of the restored gospel and be sealed together as a family. That kid and his parents are not yet sealed. It was a sad experience. When we taught his father, who was 3 years less-active, he and his wife decided that they will do all they can to be sealed for time and eternity. Now, I'm looking forward in teaching the couple and help them work out their temple goal. It's heartwarming to see how God loves us so much and how grateful should we be to know that Christ overcome the sting of death because of his resurrection. It made me appreciate more the plan of salvation.

Aside from that, we had 9 less-actives at church last Sunday. Yup, the Lord is blessing us in our work. We had 14 referrals this week! It was overwhelming for me and Elder Somoray. So, we need to contact most of them this coming week, knowing that we'll still be receiving more. Haha.

Also, we had a picture with a stray away cow while going to our next appointment. Elder Somoray and I stopped for a moment and took some pictures with it. It was funny 'coz we did had a hard time getting near it. So, that's the nearest that we could go and take a picture of.

Last Saturday, we had our Community Service Project. Tree Planting! It's my first time in my whole life. Hahahaha! So, it was fun despite the scorching heat of the sun. And, we had it done in a beautiful field. It made me appreciate God's creation more.

Whew! That's our week. We're getting more loaded each day. But, we're learning so much! 'Till next week guys! I love you all! Have a great week ahead! :D

Elder Dimazana

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