Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Kiping trip, Home Alone and Raining! - Week 62.Serving in Bulua

Well, as you would know, I'm not with my companion anymore. T_T He's back in Manila to finish some papers but he'll be back soon.

This week was a hard week... Well, work time is limited. Not having a companion in our area is hard. For sure! I'm trisome right now with the other Elders, the Patag Elders: Elder Capoquian (my companion 2 cycles ago) and Elder Cabrera (his trainee).

Well, it's been a challenge for me. Being a District Leader, preparing the lessons for our investigators, updating the area book and stuffs, and meetings, it's taking a toll on me actually...

Anyways, I'm sick right now. :| Resting is really vital for me... Hopefully, I get well soon enough. But, work's great still.

We found another Golden Investigator! Yay! The first one, he's super progressing! He attended church but not in our area so I contacted the Elders there, 'coz he attended my previous area. He's progressing as ever! He's thanking us for meeting us and be able to know the church. I'm happy for him. As for the new one? He's Brother Charlie. He's a referral actually. Well, on our way home from the church, he stopped in front of us in his motorbike and asked if we are missionaries. We said yes. And he asked if we could teach him. Weird ain't it? Haha! When we got home, the member who has a referral for us told us that her referral met some missionaries! (Coincidence?) So, yeah, the referral and the one we met is the same. We taught him and the lesson went great. He'll be baptized soon enough because he has a strong desire to know about the church and to make changes in his life. He even expressed to us he want to be a Missionary as well! Really great eh? I love serving here. Despite the challenges I'm facing, the Lord is blessing us with unbelievable Spiritual experiences.

Aside from him, there's also a prepared one who is very receptive... So much going on with the work here! Hehe! I'm grateful for following Preach My Gospel. The members' power is so great! I'm amazed at how small things like sharing at their homes, and helping them to feel the Spirit could make a big shift in our work!

This week, I'm on a rest for a few days. T_T But, its okay. I'm excited to work still. I'm pumped up actually! This Sunday, we'll be teaching a Jehovah's Witness. I'm nervous 'coz we met him firsthand and he looks scary! But, he's a child of God nevertheless. Hopefully, he'll be open and feel the Spirit. We'll see about that next week.

Anyways, I've bought some kiping! Haha! I don't know what's it made from. It's like a giant cracker of sort with some choco syrup. It's fun to eat too. Crunchy!
Well, last week, before Elder Abad left, we celebrated his birthday. Hehehe... I miss my companion and I know we're both challenged. So we'll see what lessons we'll learn while on this unusual situation.

Anyways, that's my week! Have a great week ahead everyone! Excited to hear from you! Goodluck and keep safe! :D

Elder Dimazana

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