Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Meet The D.A.D.(Dimazana, Abad, Dulam) - Week 64.Serving in Bulua

Well, our new companion is Elder Dulam who is from QC1st ward. Haha! Small world! So, we have some friends in common. Anyways, he's actually from Oroquieta, where my first area was! O.o But, he wasn't granted re-assignment so there's a purpose for sure.

Work during the week was great. Haha! First day of transfer, me and my trainee went straight of to work. It's cool 'coz he is really feeling a lot of the work and he's worried immediately about his next companions if they don't study, etc. So, at least, I gave him a headstart of what his mission should be like. And he's awesome! He's a U.P. student so he's really diligent in studying. Haha!

Anyways, I can't upload pictures today 'coz of time shortage. Maybe next week! And it's July so we'll meet our new Mission President in the coming weeks. Exciting! I'll miss President Hernaez for sure. So, a lot of things are in for this new cycle.

This week, I learned to be more diligent. Training a new missionary is really a challenge especially I am trying my best to help him get the feel of Missionary Work. Time is a major factor but I'm blessed to have another companion to support me in the training. Haha... This is really awesome and I'm having so much fun. So, yeah! That's my week. I'll update you again next week. Take care y'all!

Elder Dimazana

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