Tuesday, 4 December 2012

And Here Comes December - Week 35.Serving in Cagayan

Wow! I've been out for 7 1/2 months already! Geez! Surreal! I really didn't notice the time. Haha... I guess I'm lovin the office, just kidding! Anyways, there's a lot of things that happened! First of all is Typhoon Pablo. Well, we're safe here of course. Haha... Safety is our first priority although the area we are assigned in was flooded just like last year's Sendong. Anyways, I'm safe and sound. Good thing is that people here are prepared and cautious than before so less casualties.

It was supposed to be our Ward Christmas Party but it turned out that our P-Day (Party Day today... hehehe... because of the Ward) turned out to be an office day. Oh well, being an office staff has its price and sacrifice (more or less no P-day usually). But it's fine.

I haven't shared anything for the past weeks! Geez! Super busy! At least, I've made the Christmas Conference Video for our Mission which I really really poured out my all. I just hope the Missionaries will be inspired with it.

Weeks were great. Ups and downs, I guess that's usual. I have a new companion right now and I'm a Senior Missionary. My companion is Elder Panti. He's so funny! Haha... I'm enjoying our companionship really really well. He makes me laugh almost every day so it's stress-free work for us though it's tiring! We worked our all from Monday to Sunday, balancing our proselyting efforts and office works. So loaded! Just imagine the planning, the study, the evaluation, the workload, etc. Haha... Nevertheless, it's fun even we are so very tired at the end of each day.

Christmas is really near and so is my birthday! Oh boy! My first christmas, birthday and new year celebration in the Mission Field. Woot! At least I've tasted a bit of it last year with some of the Elders I'm closed with, the difference is, I'm an Elder now as well. Haha...

Sorry if I haven't written any letters! I'm definitely sorry since we're so busy with things and preoccupied with the upcoming December stuffs. FUN! Hahaha...

I still don't know whether I'm staying or transferring next cycle but we'll see. I do feel I'm getting transferred (here's my hunch again) but I do want to stay with Elder Panti for a bit more. Hehe... Oh well, let's just see.

Good news! We'll be having a baptism on the 22nd of December! Yay! My very first. Hahaha... I'm looking forward to it. I know it took us some time to prepare him for his baptism. Either way, the time was worth it! I can't wait to see him enter the waters of baptism. So, it's like 8 months of no baptism for me. But it's fine. Though, right now, I need to be more puffed up in doing the work, being more eager for finding the "elect people" that have been prepared for us. We're planning to do it in the next coming weeks.

Being here in the office, you'll be able to witness a lot of happenings. You may see Missionaries finishing their mission. You will see some arriving fresh from the MTC. You will also see some who needs to go home, though a sad moment to see, but seeing them relieved and knowing the reason why they need to go, you'll be inspired. Recently, I've been pondering on the Missionary Handbook as well as Christlike Attributes. I guess I'm just thinking too much. Haha... (though I'm always like that). But, it's so inspiring when you'll gain a testimony of Christ's teachings especially about humility. Sometimes we may say it's easy to follow but when we are given an option that would really really satisfy something in us, that'll be so hard. But, putting off that "natural man", it's just the time that we'll see what He wants us to be. Truly, His will is the best. That's what I've learned these past weeks. My Mission President told me and taught me a lot about humility and it's a great experience! While doing the Christmas Conference Video for our Mission, I asked for inspiration from our Heavenly Father on how to make a presentation that would uplift us all in this time of the year.  Viewing it gave me a weird feeling. A confirmation of the sacredness of this work. It's kinda cool to see people being baptized for the past year 2012. Oh well. It's just surreal. Haha.

How are you all? I'll update you more about me in the next coming weeks. Work is super okay. Hahaha... I'm clicking so well with my new companion. It reminds me of my MTC companion. So quirky! And I'm lovin the work! 1 week of change is so great. Being more diligent and obedient here in the Mission is really worth it. There's no other way to do this work, only in His way. That's what I can truly testify to you. The best thing to do is to follow the Lord's will. His will should be our will and by it, we'll see the greatness of His magnificent plan.

Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

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