Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas Coooooooooooooon! - Week 36.Serving in Cagayan

Good day! Well this week was a rough week for both me and Elder Panti. A lot of things happened, ups and downs. This week was a learning experience for me as well.

Downside first, well we had low stats this week not just because with what happened to some parts of our area where we usually work, but we were not feeling well all of a sudden last Sunday. That's why we committed ourselves with the work this week although it'll be a busy week.

Time flies so freaking fast! I'm 8 months out here in the field. It seems like last week that I got transferred here in the office but in reality, it's not. I was able to ponder about the things the Lord has entrusted me to do in His vineyard. I know I still haven't done all He requires of me. But I am grateful for His trust nevertheless for His trust that I can do it.

Just like me during my first weeks here in the office, Elder Panti is still adjusting. I can feel it and see it with his works so I'm doing my best to help him as well by lending my hand whenever I can. Well, the week that just passed by Elder Panti got worried. He easily feels bad whenever he made a mistake. Funny though, I remember my first times here in the office with him. Of course, as his companion I am worried about him worrying too much. He's a great missionary. Even though he's a joker in nature, but deep inside, he just want to be of help to others. I have seen him work hard both in terms of proselyting and office works. I have seen his dedication to do give the extra mile whenever he can. One proof would be the supply room which just took him a week or two to organize and get more space. I was happy for him.

Though, he was really troubled after he mistakenly switched some pouches. It bugged him the whole day and jokingly tells me he wants to step down. I remembered the things President taught me about here in the office during my interview with him. So I told Elder Panti the same thing to somehow calm him down and help him. During the night, I prayed for Heavenly Father's help on how to help my companion. After 2 days or so, I got a prompting while we were having our companionship study. I just asked him a simple question. I asked him what is he feeling right now in the office. He told me that he's tired and that he's still adjusting in the office. In that study of ours, I tried my best to reinforce both our desires to serve. I just hope and pray that it made an impact to him.

Anyways, he's doing fine right now. I'm still helping him with work adjustments. But I know and I trust him that he can do it. And with Heavenly Father's help, there will be improvements. Because of this experience, I was able to draw myself closer to God. When I can't think of something to do, I easily refer myself to the Missionary Handbook. It's like scriptures to me. It helped me big especially now when I'm at a loss on how I can help Elder Panti.

Brother Z, will be baptized next week! It will be on the 22nd. I am excited for him. During our last teaching, he was so thankful to us that we taught him about the Gospel. He told us that there's a lot of changes he had received. He's so much progressing! Aside from keeping his commitments, when times come that he needs to cancel his appointment with us due to emergencies, he always tell sorry to us and then reschedule our appointment with him. He's really great. He'll be the first ever baptism that I ever had in the Mission. How great the feeling is! To be able to know that the Lord has made us an instrument to be a blessing to others.

Brother C, our new but very progressing investigator made a lot of progress this week! Even though we just left him with 3 verses to read, because of his interest, he read 7 chapters in 1 Nephi! So amazing! He even told us in detail the things that transpired in those chapters. Elder Panti and mine jaw dropped. We were so surprised! He's so golden. And good thing is, his live-in partner, a less-active member took part in our discussion. Now, we just need to set a date for him and for their wedding. We'll focus on them in the coming weeks.

During the Christmas Conference, I have learned so much. I'm thankful for President Hernaez for helping us understand the importance of asking people to be baptized. I know it's hard but I always believe that we need to say it. My past companions always tell me that we need to feel something or wait for the right time to invite people to be baptized but because of what President said, I got more confident and doubt no more in inviting people to be baptized. Not because I want baptisms, but because, I want them to receive this wondrous Gospel. It has blessed me in many ways and while pondering while listening to the homebounds' testimonies, I feel more inspired to give more and go for the extra mile.

Also,I'm thankful for giving me the opportunity to make the video for the Christmas Conference. Even though I know how to make it, I still prayed and ask for help from above to help me develop a video that would uplift us and renew us in our desire to serve God. I feel so good! Doing that rekindled the days that I was not yet a member of the church until today, wherein I'm a missionary myself. And it increased my love for this work.

I am even more grateful now than before for this responsibility the Lord has given me, to be a Senior Missionary and at the same time a Mission Secretary. It has helped me and humbled me in many ways. I have learned so much. Thank you guys so much for your prayers, for your kindness and appreciation for us,  here in the Mission. Thank you for lifting me and supporting me. I love you guys!


If you want to watch the video I made, here's the link:

Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

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