Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Dino Comes! - Week 33.Serving in Cagayan

Good day! Another week has passed. The past week went well despite my anxiety attacks. Now, I'm more comfortable to work and seeing Elder Panti, I guess we'll have a great time this coming cycle.

Despite transfers and the upcoming Stake Conference, we'll do our best to focus on our Progressing Less-Actives and Investigators.

This week, we have 4 progressing investigators which is good, but I know that we still need to walk the extra mile you told me to improve our work performance. I'm looking forward for the coming weeks and we will do our best to be more diligent and obedient in doing the Lord's work. We know that losing ourselves in the work will help us in what the Lord plans for us, especially in our area. Despite the challenges that happened to me, I'm still grateful to be companions with Elder Pangilinan. I am happy to be able to feel and see his desire to help other people and I'm happy to see him grow as my Senior.

The P family, who recently came back to church is still progressing although sister stopped coming to church for 2 weeks now so we need to see what happened or what her concerns are. They are the family the ward is preparing to be sealed in the temple. Aside from them, our Less-Actives are progressing slowly somehow.

As for our investigators, Brother Z, who has a baptismal date is still progressing. We'll do our best to prepare him for his baptism since he still have some issues with living the Word of Wisdom. Aside from that, he's okay and in time, we hope that he'll see the blessings of repentance. Also, Sister J, a part-member is now reading the Book of Mormon. Ever since we shared how important it is for her to do the commitments we always give her, she started reading the verses we always left her and when we follow-up on our next visit, she happily shares how she can relate to the verses she reads. We hope in time that the Holy Ghost will testify to her the truthfulness of the Gospel and be able to accept our invitation to be baptized in due time. Aside from them, Brother R, our new investigator is progressing. Our challenge is that he understand our lessons slowly so we need to adjust to him. With patience and dedication, we hope that he'll progress even more since he's a part-member.

There's so much work to do. I can feel it but through the Lord's help, I know we can do it. After all, He's the master of the vineyard. This coming week in our Weekly Planning, Elder Panti and I will carefully plan our week's activities and make it fruitful. And I have faith that with the Lord's help, we can find the people that He has prepared for us.

That's my week guys! Have a great week ahead! :D

Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

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